Is your teen struggling with studying?

Are they frustrated? Are they anxious? Are they demotivated?

The Smart and Better Way to Start Getting The Results You Know Your Son or Daughter Can Achieve In Their Exams with RAYSE YOUR GRADES

With the Leaving Cert in Crisis and CBA's (Classroom Based Assessments) for Junior Cert, students need to perform all the way through school and get good grades.

RAYSE THE GAME will give them an advantage going into every exam.

Learn to Rayse Your Grades

in this course you will learn…

Secret #1

How to create an effective study plan so you can manage time effectively and not sit in your room for hours wasting time

Secret #2

How your brain works. Whole-brain learning is the key to learning faster, quicker and better.

Secret #3

How to note-take the smart way. The 30-minute study system and learning how to create whizgridz will save you lots of time and help your retention.

Meet Ray

Like most students I worked hard when it came to study but not necessarily smart. Came across whole-brain learning and that changed the game.

For the last 10 years, I have been a school motivational speaker delivering programmes in over 150 secondary schools.

Since launching RayseTheGame in 2017, the programme has become the most popular motivational study skills programme in Irish Secondary Schools with over 30,000 students attending my events.

Schools hire me because I specialises in EDUTAINMENT. I make education experiential, entertaining and fun for teenagers whilst delivering strong and important messages in a high energy innovative manner.

I have trained as a counsellor & psychotherapist and I have developed powerful tools to help young people with anxiety and exam stress.

My programmes are underpinned by science and proven educational models such as Self-Determination Theory which helps young people develop that sense of drive, determination and direction.

Rayse the Game


Ray is THE BEST TEACHER of study skills and how to help your teen achieve their potential on the planet! This programme is perfectly pitched. Rayse Your Grades is clear and so helpful. The lessons are short but very effective. Myself and my daughter loved the animations especially the bits on how your brains works. If you are struggling with helping your teenager study and do well in exams, then I would definitely recommend Ray and this course.


Thanks Ray for doing such a wonderful job with my son. His confidence level was heading towards rock bottom after completing his mock leaving cert and he was convinced that he was going to fail the leaving cert. But after the course with yourself, not only did you raise his confidence to an all time high, he was able to apply the knowledge that you shared with him with regards to the best study method for him and thus he was able to raise his leaving cert point by nearly 80 points. Kudos to you for giving him the belief in himself.


My daughter Abhlainn just completed Rayse Your Grades and SHE LOVED IT!! The videos were really short and easy-to-watch. It was so useful especially on how to manage her time and organise herself. The downloads including the weekly planner are so helpful. The life lessons are great BIG THUMBS UP!


Thanks Ray for your course and help with my daughter Sarah . You are an absolute gentleman and an amazing mentor. You really helped her confidence and showed her a way to reduce anxiety she came away from talking to you and felt 10ft high. We need more people like you Ray in this country.


Join 35,000 Students and Rayse Your Grades

30 Transformational Lessons

Why spend all that money on tuition fees when your teen needs to learn now to learn and how to manage their homework and study? Through my proven methodology, they will learn the mindset, motivation and methods tso they don’t have to struggkle and they can deal with the anixety of school and study.

  1. Mindset

    Learn to improve your attitude and how you think about school and study.

  2. Planning and organisation

    Learn how create an effective study plan. Here we set goals, organise our time, break down a course using the study success system and double our productivity.

  3. Learning

    Learn how to learn faster quicker and better using learning styles and whole brain learning.

  4. Study system

    Learn my study system that shows students how to get so much time in 30-minute study blocks and save hours of writing using my innovative note-taking technique called WHIZGRIDZ.

  5. Bonuses

    Get access to bonus modules on exam technique, how to study maths and interviews with students that doubled their points tallies.

Here is what you get when you sign up for

Access to 24 on-demand video lessons which are entertaining, educational and easy to watch.
Training you can trust. This programm is based on over 10,000 live experience of training students in the classroom and schools.

Worksheets, downloads and booklet to work through exercies.

If you are not 100% happy with this product we will give you your money back (please let us know within 48 hours)


Join 35,000 Students and Rayse Your Grades

Money Back Guarantee

I confidently back your purchase with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

If you’re not satisfied, just contact me within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll refund every cent of your investment.