Learn my motivational method to help your teen thrive



In this Masterclass you will learn

Secret #1

What is a Turbulence Test and why so many teenagers are anxious and/or not motivated and spend so much time stuck to their screen.

Secret #2

How to use my 5-Step Motivation Method to help your teen become more responsible, self-reliant and resilient.

Secret #3

Why Boundaries can be your secret weapon to reduce screen-time so your teen is more focused, appreciative and less distracted.

Meet Ray

Like most students I worked hard when it came to study but not necessarily smart. Came across whole-brain learning and that changed the game.

For the last 10 years, I have been a school motivational speaker delivering programmes in over 150 secondary schools.

Since launching RayseTheGame in 2017, the programme has become the most popular motivational study skills programme in Irish Secondary Schools with over 30,000 students attending my events.

Schools hire me because I specialises in EDUTAINMENT. I make education experiential, entertaining and fun for teenagers whilst delivering strong and important messages in a high energy innovative manner.

I have trained as a counsellor & psychotherapist and I have developed powerful tools to help young people with anxiety and exam stress.

My programmes are underpinned by science and proven educational models such as Self-Determination Theory which helps young people develop that sense of drive, determination and direction.

Rayse the Game

My students loved your advice and tips and they’re now more organised, focused and motivated. Who knew study skills could best much fun?

– Lorraine Kelly, (Guidance Counsellor, Wexford).

Anyone with secondary school kids who want them to learn some study skills and to study smarter. Excellent advice and very empowering.

– Fidelma Nolan Curran (Parent).

Learn my 5-Step Motivation Method

and Help Your Teen Become A More Responsible,
Self-Reliant and Resilient.

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn the following…
  1. Motivation

    Ray reveals in the inner psychological drivers that drives teenagers and why some teenagers are more motivated than others.

  2. Anxiety

    Why one third of teenagers are suffering from severe anxiety and you as parents can do to help them survive and thrive in an increasing complex world.

  3. Growth Mindset

    Why Mindset is crucial to help your teen succeed and how to re-frame your challenges into opportunities for your teen to grow.

  4. Distraction

    How to deal with distractions and technology so your son or daughter can self-regulate their technology using boundaries leading to happier, safer home.

  5. Overparenting

    Why parents today are anxious and can be pushy in nature leading to resistance, more rows at home and your child underperforming in school.

Join 35,000 students

and help your son or daughter get ahead and not get left behind